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OLT Raised Cedar Garden Bed With Removable greenhouse

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8'x8' in stock other sizes coming soon

The ergonomic designed Raised bed reduces the amount of bending and kneeling required when attending to their garden. Making weeding and planting  a breeze 

The pre-manufactured Western Red Cedar panels are designed to assemble with ease!  The 2 hinged wire mesh screens folding trellis can be mounted on the sides and or the rear for a total height of 47 inches. So climbing plants, tomatoes or runner beans will have lots of room to grow! Every wall panel allows 20 inch depth of growing height with an attached wire mesh screened frame. Total height of 33.5 inches will keep dogs and pests away.

The unit features a central inner walkway through the door with an attractive latch. Once inside, the growing beds are 20 in. high x 28 in. wide capable of yielding a significant crop for you.

The Greenhouse has strong 1 in. diameter black powder coated metal framing. A 6 mm thick Low Density Polyethylene greenhouse cover with anti-UV and fog properties. The cover and framing can be taken off in minutes. Venting with insect netting is included along the sides, front and rear of the greenhouse. A functional door with a closing zipper will help keep pesky critters and bugs out.

For 8'x8' other sizes coming soon

Greenhouse Cover
  • Assembled Dimension
  • 95 in. W x 92 in. D x 94 in. H
  • Optional Storage Shelf / Trellis can be mounted in the rear or on the sides
  • Access to the inside through 30 in. W x 78 in. H doorway with closing zipper
  • Venting with insect netting included along the sides, front and rear
  • Stong 1 in. diameter black powder-coated metal greenhouse framing
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • Keeps out dogs and pesky critters
  • 6 mm Low Density Polyethylene cover with anti-UV and fog properties
  • Greenhouse cover and framing can be taken off in minutes.
  • Assembly time is approximately 3 to 5 hours depending on skill
Raised Bed
  • Western Red Cedar construction
  • Pre-assembled raised garden bed panels
  • 33.5 in. high fencing, backed with black wire mesh
  • Kit uses marine grade hinges that do not rust
  • Floor not included with this kit
  • Height from bottom to top trellis 47 in. on 1 rear
  • 20 in. high growing bed with an additional 13.5 in. black wire panel for a total of 33.5 in. high perimeter fencing
  • Kits uses marine quality hinges that do not rust
  • 28 in. wide growing bed
  • All hardware included (screws and nails)




Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review


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  • Can I buy the greenhouse without the bed?

    You can but it will only work with the bed.

  • Is this tight enough (with the top in place) to keep out squirrels?

    Unfortunately not.

  • can we purchase the bed without the green house?

    Yes it is this product

  • How much soil will I need to fill the 8x8 greenhouse?

    Approximately 2 cubic yards of quality soil for the top foot and for the bottom 8 inches you need approximately 1 cubic yard of any soil, gravel, pebbles, rocks or wood chips.