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Garden Shed Greenhouse 12*12 By Little Cottage Company

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 This 12x12 Octagon Garden Shed Greenhouse Kit is built by the Amish known for their expert craftsmanship and top-notch qualityWith features like 6 ft sidewalls, lots of fully functional screened windows, shutters, flower-boxes , optional interior wall to split the greenhouse/shed and a stunning cupola It will add unparalleled beauty and functionality to your outdoor area in no time and little effort!


Please call us at 732 806 7959 to customize this for your needs!


  • High quality 7/16” LP® SmartSide® siding with grooves 4” on-center primed and ready to paint
  • 76.5” sidewalls with 2”x4” wall studs
  • Single door 36” with transom window and Colonial hinges
  • (18) working 18”x22” windows with tempered glass and screens
  • (9) 10”x18” transom windows with tempered glass
  • (2) working 30”x36” windows with tempered glass, screens, and “Z” shutters
  • Decorative cupola with windows, vents, and a copper finial
  • Interior wooden shelves
  • Loft area -maximizes potential storage or living space (optional)
  • Interior wall kit to split the greenhouse in half (optional)
  • (2) 30x36 windows come with Z-shutters. (2) wooden flower boxes complete the look while interior wood shelving provides storage space.
  • All necessary installation hardware and instructions are provided in the package allowing for easy assembly no matter your experience level.

Floor Kit (Optional):

  • 5/8” plywood flooring
  • 2”x4” floor joists 16” on-center
  • 4”x4” pressure treated runners


 A full color assembly manual is included and has easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. All pieces are pre-cut, primed, ready to be assembled, and painted. (The customer provides paint and shingles and drip edge). 

Garden Shed Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review


Ask a Question
  • How much does it weigh? Can the 12x12 greenhouse be placed on an upstairs balcony that is 12x20

    The shipping weight is 3000lbs and you would need to have  more than 12 feet to fit it

  • What type of material is the shed made from?

    The pannels are made from LP Smartside engineered wood

  • What type of windows? Do I need to prepare the area before arrival, if I am going to have your company install?

    The windows are glass and they open. There are 18-18"x22" windows 9- 10x18 transom windows 2-30x36 windows with z shutters.
    As for preparing the area prior to delivery the most important thing is that the site is level.  We recommend a crushed stone, patio block, or concrete pad to form a base, however, the base of the greenhouse is constructed of treated lumber and may be placed directly on the ground. When preparing a base you should make the base one foot wider on all sides of the greenhouse..

  • Is shipping included?

    Yes shipping is included.

  • How many people does it take to install?

    Hi The manufacturer recommends two people and a third would be helpful. It is considered a weekend job. 

  • Does this need a floor? Does it need footers?

    The Garden Shed comes with a floor.The manufacturers recommends placing crushed stone underneath but any flat surface will do. 

  • Hello, does the wall divider need to be installed is can we opt to have the greenhouse an open floor plan?

    The deviding wall is optional.

  • Are the walls "re-arrangable?" For example, can the wall with the door be placed next to the three walls with windows? I would like to walk into the space and have the greenhouse windows on the left and the plain walls and smaller windows on the right.

    Yes the walls can be placed in any arrangement. You can also order more or fewer windows. 

  • 1. Do we need a permit to install at our back yard? 2. Do you have installer to help install ? How much? Can they help get ground ready(such as level or pour concrete etc. 3. Does the product look like exactly like the picture shown ? 4. Is the product weather proof? thanks

    1- Permits depend on your municipality please check with them

    2- We do have the option to send this prebuilt but that would not include getting the ground ready

    3 The product in the picture is the actual product from an existing customer so they painted it etc.

    4 Yes this is weatherproof

    Please call us at 732 806 7959 for more details 

  • I’m very interested in this greenhouse, but I would have to have a roof that would let light through, such as polycarbonate. I would also be interested in having it delivered pre-assembled. Is this at all possible?

    We cannot change the roof for this however we can do windows on all sides. If you would like a polycarbonate roof check out these models

    For prebuilt delivery I will need your Zip code to get you a quote