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Sun Room 2 by Rion 6 and 8 foot Lean-to

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Discover the simplest way to turn your existing porch, deck or patio into a great sunroom enclosure or greenhouse space. The Sun Room 2 features two kinds of virtually unbreakable coverings to give you the best of both worlds. Roof panels are 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate, offering UV protection and diffuse light. Crystal clear acrylic side walls are 100% UV protected while allowing over 90% light transmission, as well as clear views, while being ultra-safe. Durable white resin frame improves insulation and is maintenance free for ease of use. Hinged door and included roof vent provide air circulation. Accessories and additional lengths available.

  • Quickly and easily cover your porch, deck or patio entrance
  • Roof panels are 100% UV protected, 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate to protect from direct sunlight.
  • 3mm translucent acrylic wall panels are 100% UV protected and as clear as glass but safer
  •  Heavy-duty resin frame is durable and maintenance free for years of use
  • Hinged side door and included roof vent provide air circulation on warmer days
Invest in Quality
The structure is formed with a strong and elegant, rounded profiles holding the system together and creating a well designed frame for years to come.
This durable sun room will be a lasting investment for a long useable life.
Rion Sun Room 6’ clear has been designed and tested to stand in high standards and severe weather conditions such as heavy snow load and is hail resistant.

Sun Room Assembly Instructions


Rion Greenhouses

Professional gardening at a great price!

Rion Greenhouses are the most durable, insulated and ergonomically designed greenhouses in the market. They provide the opportunity for hobby gardeners to maximize their growing season and enjoy the fruits of their labour. The Rion range is manufactured to the highest quality, its sturdy, durable unique resin frame is a fantastic feature, as is the ability to extend and create a larger growing space, coupled with world class customer service makes Rion greenhouses a desirable option for any gardener.

The barn shape design is both elegant and functional, and allows plenty of headroom space. The hinged door system provides great accessibility.

Unlike Aluminum greenhouses, the dark green resin frame is supplied with special rubber seals between the greenhouse frame and glazing. This provides maximum Insulation, a great feature for professional and hobby gardeners.

The Rion Greenhouse range is easy to assemble, and comes with easy to follow detailed instruction manual. No need for any additional tools. Parts are held together with push-n-fit resin connectors. The Rion is an aesthetic structure manufactured in a dark green resin. A great asset to any home and garden.

Rion greenhouses are packaged to conveniently ship and deliver to the customer. Easy to assemble, and above all offer great value for money.


7 Year Limited Warranty from Rion

Sun Room 2 - 6' x 12'Sun Room 2 - 8' x 8'Sun Room 2 - 8' x 10'Sun Room 2 - 8' x 12'Sun Room 2 - 8' x 14'Sun Room 2 - 8' x 18'Sun Room 2 - 8' x 20'

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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  • Do you have 5ft wide by 20ft long? Can I order a door at each end?

    Sorry, the Sunroom does not come in 5 ft width. Th door can be placed on either side and there is no option of buying an additional door. You may want to consider ordering two units and combining them. 

  • How does window operate? Can it be motorized and controlled by a thermostat? Is it all acrylic or is some glass? Does the door have a screen?

    The window is manual there is an option to nget a automatiuc opener, the panels are polycarbonite, there is no screen on the door.

  • Does the 6 x 10 sunroom come with the roof vent? Can you buy an extra door?

    Hi the sun room does have a roof vent. There is no option to add a door. You can add a louvre window and additional roof vents.

  • If the floor is hose down, is it able to drain out the bottom?

    There is no floor and the walls will alow for water to drain undernearth

  • What is the height of the SUN ROOM 2 BY RION lean to? Specifically the 6X12'.

    97.2 in ath the house 73 in and 49.2in at the other two peaks.

  • can I put this on a deck?


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