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Grandio Summit Greenhouse - 12' x 8' through 12' x 32'

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  The Summit is the largest GRANDIO greenhouse in both width and height. It features Grandio's heaviest-duty aluminum frame, 10mm twin-wall panels, massive sliding doors, and over 9′ of headroom and 12′ of width!  Available in sizes from 12×8 up to 12×32.

Engineered to perform in harsh environments. The Grandio Summit provides rugged durability making it the most insulated of greenhouses on the market and its barn shape design is both elegant and functional and allows plenty of growing space.

Made to meet the highest standards of amateur and professional gardeners, the 1.6mm profile aluminum frame provides a stronger and more durable build than its competitors and won't warp, melt, or crack like the PVC-based barn-style greenhouses. And the heavy-duty construction coupled with 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels provides the perfect thickness for winter insulation.

A wide range of features and accessories culminates in a well ventilated growing space with gliding double doors, our superb easy-to-assemble system, and an insulation (R) value of 1.89* and heat loss (U) value of 0.53 resulting in an amazing gardening and greenhouse experience.

The doors are hung from above which eliminates jamming and the door wheels are made from nylon for durability. The door wheel bolt is turned from solid brass with a smooth shank to reduce wear on the wheels.

The doors come standard with a magnetic catch with heavy-duty lockable door handles and included key.

Carefully designed, engineered, and built to the highest quality standards. Gardeners of all types will love the combination of strength, quality, features and especially the terrific value the Grandio Greenhouse offers.



  • Free Heavy-Duty snowload supports
  • FREE Anchor Kit
  • FREE Rain Gutters on Both Sides
  • Height: 9.5' (Height: 9'3" without the base kit)
  • Width: 12'
  • Length: 8'-32'
  • Frame: Heavy duty aluminum.
  • Color: Powder coated green.
  • Panels: 10mm twin-wall UV protected polycarbonate.
  • Door Size: 41.5" W x 85" H
  • Door opening is 41" 
  • Doors: Bind-resistant sliding double-doors.
  • Latch: Magnetic latch doors with key lock.
  • Reinforcement for High wind resistance: Cross-roof truss and cross corner bracing.
  • Tools: Included
  • Hardware: Stainless steel nuts and bolts.
  • Gutters: Built-in rain gutters.
  • Ventilation: (4-16) roof vent with adjustable manual openers/latches
  • Basic Kit Includes:

      • 10mm Twin-Wall Panels
      • (4-16) Roof Vents
      • Rain Gutters
      • Drain Kit
      • Extreme Snow Load Kit
      • Flat Mount Anchor Kit
      Premium Kit Includes:
      • 10mm Twin-Wall Panels
      • (4-10) Roof Windows
      • Rain Gutters
      • Drain Kit
      • Extreme Snow Load Kit
      • Flat Mount Anchor Kit
      • (4-16) Auto Roof Window Openers
      • (1-2) Packs of 10 Plant Hangers
      • (1-2) 8 oz. Brillianize Cleaner with cloth
      • (1) Trellis Kit
      • (1) Drip Kit
    • Concrete Slab or Wood Deck Installation: If you plan on constructing your Summit on a concrete slab or wooden surface, the included Flat Mount Base Kit will offer solid footing. The Flat Mount Base Kit includes your choice of anchors for concrete slab or wooden surfaces.

      In-earth Installation: If you plan to install your Grandio Summit Greenhouse directly into the earth, we highly recommend our Steel Base Kit with Earth L-Bolt Anchor Kit. The Steel Base Kit is powder coated to resist rust and decay and is designed to be buried into the ground or back filled with gravel providing a solid foundation to combat wind and other extreme environments. Just select "Base Kit (Earth L-Bolt Anchor Kit)" when you checkout and you'll get everything you need.





      1. Grandio Greenhouses are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material or workmanship for ten years from the date of original retail purchase on all plastic panels. Additionally, the aluminum frame is warrantied for life. The word "defects" is defined as imperfections that impair the use of the product.

      2. Defects resulting from misuse, abuse or negligence will void this warranty. This warranty does not cover defects due to improper installation, alteration or accident. This warranty does not cover damage caused by vandalism, rusting, "acts of nature" or any other event beyond the control of the manufacturer.

      3. This warranty is nontransferable and is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of defective product if the product is defective within the terms of this warranty, Grandio Greenhouses will repair or replace defective parts at no cost to the purchaser. Shipping charges to and from the factory or distribution center are not covered and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Labor charges and related expenses for removal, installation or replacement of the greenhouse or its components are not covered under this warranty.

      4. This warranty does not cover scratching or scuffing of the product that may result from normal usage. In addition, defects resulting from intentional damage, negligence, unreasonable use will void this warranty.

      How easy is the Grandio to assemble?

      Very easy. Grandio designed and perfected the assembly process with you in mind. Your Greenhouse comes with the tools and a step-by-step assembly manual and video and if you have any problems you can call Grandio customer support at 1-866-448-8231.

      Is a building permit required?

      You may not need a permit for your Grandio, but it is always a good idea check before you get started. We recommend you check local ordinances and requirements before setting up your greenhouse.

      Is it strong enough for windy or heavy snow locations?

      Definitely. Grandio's are all designed to withstand the most hostile environments. We've added roof and eave supports to increase the strength and durability of the greenhouse frame. Just follow the included directions for securing your greenhouse and you'll enjoy many years of growing with your Grandio.

      I live in the hot southwest will Grandio Greenhouses work for me?

      For people who live in high-temperature areas of the country like Arizona, Texas, California, Nevada, or New Mexico we recommend our aluminum shade net. The aluminum shade net reflects the sun on the hottest days to help your greenhouse keep it's cool.

      How do the automatic roof vent openers work? 

      The opener has a metal cylinder containing a mineral which expands when heated. This pushes a piston that opens the vent. As the temperature cools, the mineral shrinks and a spring closes the vent and resets the piston. The opening and closing of the vent is gradual allowing just the right amount of air flow for cooling. No electricity needed!

      How large is the roof vent opening?

      The vent opening is 18-3/4" width by 22-3/4” length.

      What is the difference in polycarbonate thicknesses?

      Polycarbonate is available in several different thicknesses and normally comes in single, double, and triple walled sheets that can vary in thickness from 1mm to 10mm. A good rule to remember is that the thicker the panel the better insulation you'll have for your greenhouse.

      Can I buy a Grandio if I live outside the USA?
      Currently, we can only ship orders to the USA and Canada. If you live in Canada and would like to place an order please call us



      How many boxes will I receive?

      Your new Grandio ships in 3 or more manageable-sized boxes (the exact number of boxes depends on the size of your greenhouse).

      How is it shipped?

      Grandio Greenhouses are generally shipped via UPS Ground.


      How long will my order take to get to me?

        • West: 2-4 business days
        • Northwest: 1-3 business days
        • Southwest: 3-5 business days
        • Midwest: 4-6 business days
        • East: 5-7 business days

      Note: These are estimates and business days are the time your items are in-transit only and do not include order processing time. Inclement weather and unforeseen carrier or transportation emergencies may delay your delivery.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review Write a review


      Ask a Question
      • I need an automatic opener, do you sell these separately, also shelving? what's shipping time more or less?

        Yes you can order this seprately and the shipping is the same and free as always. You can find the accessories HERE 

      • How much assembly is required?

        It should take 1 day two people Here is the Manual

      • We have winds that sometimes hit over 60 mph, how well will this structure withstand these types of winds. Often when storms are coming over the Sierras from California we can get gusts higher than 60 mph.

        It is recommended with those kinds of winds to get the base and the frame to base brackets.

      • What does basic with base mean? Can it set on grass?

        Yes , Just choose the earth anchor option or call us at 732 806 7959

      • How wide is the door opening?


      • what is the door opening size(width) on the 12X20 model is there more than one door opening?

        the door is 41 inches, it comes with one door you can get a second for the back here

      • What is the height


      • This is 12 x 12 how tall are the straights, and how tall is it overall at the peak and do you sell or have something to make it into a greenhouse with light deprivation

        61" on the side and 114" at the peak. add 3" with the base. I can give you a high quality shade net that blocks 50% of the sun at no extra cost. we do not have a complete light deprovation system at this point.

      • I see that these are all 12 feet wide. If someone were to purchase one that is smaller, and later decided to expand it, are there expansions that are available to make it larger? It would be purchased with the brackets for ground.

        The length can be extended but not the width

      • Does it come in one crate? What are the weight and the dimensions of the packaging? Do you have a recommended contractor to unpack and assemble the greenhouse?

        This comes with UPS in multiple boxes of very manageable sizes. You do not need anyone there for the delivery. We do not have any contractors to recommend for assembly.

      • could i air condition this using air units on an occasion to have a dinner inside?


      • What do you get with Premium that you do not receive with Basic?

        The following is a list of the accessories with the premium kit we can also customize a kit for you. and we can include a free shade cloth as well. Auto Roof Window Openers Packs of 10 Plant Hangers 8 oz. Brillianize Cleaner with cloth Trellis Kit Drip Kit

      • How tall are the wall sides, before the roof starts?

        Just over 5 feet

      • Intrested how high is this. Can I have to the Salem Home Depot store and what would the cost be is it free shipping if it's at the store

        without the base it is 9.25 feet and with the base it is 9.5 feet
        Shipping is free to your home we do not work with any stores. 
        Feel fre to call us at 732 806 7959 with any questions.

      • I am keenly interested in the 12 x 12 Grandio Sumimit Greenhouse and would like to know if there are any special promotional prices or discounts that are available? In addition, are there taxes associated with this potential purchase? Thank you in advance for your response.

        There is no additional shipping or tax I can give you a free heater with your purchase 

      • We are looking at greenhouse options when choosing the earth option what type of anchors come with this kit?

        it uses l bolts that attach to the ground with Quickcreet